Random chairs tend to hang out in this area.
My Deuter cycling bag.
Poster for my first project here.
Uniclo jacket.
Some photo-grams from first year.
Giant crab model.
Artwork from the big mid-term show. What do I do with it now??
300 yen Christmas tree, about $3.00! Awesome!!
Box full of assorted stuff. Scissors, modeling tools, styrofoam, etc.
Automatic door closer, counter weight.
Automatic door closer. Pulley and string.
Bike pump.
Uhg, so much stuff Im gonna have to sort through.
Another toothbrush, oh and a pooh mug.
Crab leg model.
Tungston soft box light and tripod.
You guessed it, its a toque.
Some issues of CineFX, other books.
Plastic cups for guests, that right we have a bit of good old fashioned hospitality here.
Aircon can barely keep it cool in here because I give off too much hotness.
F209 Future Space Building
A magnet from my Greek friend George Giorgio.
Photography light reflector.
Starbucks thermos, does a terrible job of keeping drinks warm.
Picture of the Hulk screaming.
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