The great wall. Frontier with the playground.
Broken guitar (Cheap photoshop panorama)
Drawers with some daigaku crap for sure
Paperwork crap
Rulo, animator, designer, photographer, musician from Chile.
Midi special unit cardboard box, for the keyboard
Kickass animation
If this hive of computer cables were snakes, it would be Temple of Doom!!
Fancy work art
Line 6 bass, great sound, when it works...
Midi special Unit (Keyboards)
Random chair
Sidekick monitor (Judi s TV)
Sick headphones
Cables box
Awesomw dvd!!
The black list
Strange noises emanate from behind this wall.
M-audio sound interface. For listening to Perfume live at budokaaaaaaaaan
Flux Capacitor.
Foobar for Rock, iTunes sucks big time!
Highly energetic drink to push 200% harder. 100yen shoppu.
More ass wipe.
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