Screen for watching Berserk
nobody is sitting here!!!!
Making some glasses in Maya.
No hips dude!
My GH1 Camera sleeping in its bag.
Sailor t-shirt, bad for the winter
Drawers that I should be using as you can see by the clutter.
Eric, animator, vfx artist, photographer, trials rider from Canada.
ATH-Pro 700 Headphones Mainly for listening to youtube videos, oh I also use it for sound editing.
3D picture of my friend Kashima san.
Monitor wipes.
Black and white screengrab from my animation.
Picture of the crab in my project.
Anaglyph 3d glasses. Essential!
Too busy for a haircut.
Some paperblanks notebooks.
Awesome Ikea paper ruler.
Binders of reference material for my projects.
Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite.
Cintiq 12wx.
Za maketto
Shooting notes.
A few terabytes of sata hard drives.
Towel, for you know, towel stuff.
Heat-tek sweater, great for the winter.
Rats nest of wires.
Handy remote shutter/intervalometer.
Ass wipes.
Could be a stopwatch or a lens cap, either way its important stuff!
Blank DVDs.
Some stickers I was re-gifted. Hey anyone want some stickers??
Camera charger.
This is where that sneaky spider always runs off to when I'm about to squash it.
Check out my beard!!
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