a Flickr photo embedding utility

This utility will allow you to embed a photo from Flickr on your own site while retaining any annotated regions present on the original. See the example below. If the photo you want to include on your site doesn't have any annotations ("notes", as Flickr calls them), then don't bother using this utility, as it's pointless.

Only public photos can be used with this utility at the moment. I may in the future figure out how to use Flickr's authentication calls to enable sharing of non-public photos for which you have the appropriate permissions, but that doesn't work yet.

In the field below, enter the Flickr photo number of the photo you want to embed. The photo number can be found in the URL at Flickr. In the following two sample URLs, the photo number is highlighted in yellow:

For photo size, select the dimension of the largest side you want. For example, if you want to embed a tall 500x1024 image, select the "Large - 1024" size. Be careful about selecting the "Original" size.

Photo number: Photo size: px


Alternately, drag the link at the left to your favorites or toolbar, and when you're at a flickr page with a photo you want to embed, click on it. You'll be taken directly to the corresponding Mbedr page.

Here's an example:
DSC02701 by RJL20, on Flickr

Here's how the same photo looks when using the embedding HTML Flickr provides:

The only difference is that with the Mbedr version, you can view the notes without having to visit the Flickr page.

Josh Larios

Mbedr is not affiliated with, endorsed or supported by Flickr or Yahoo!. It uses a small amount of code from FNClient. To leave comments or bug reports, see this blog post. For downloads and development notes, there's a project scratchpad.

Once I've cleaned up the code, I'll release it so you can host your own instance.